Merry XXX Christmas

Wow!! All the work!! Hustle and Bustle of Christmas can make a gal want to sit down n take it easy!!! But not me!! Lol I went to Spencer’s to get a gag gift, and found myself a new (X-mass) gift for me. Rather should say Xxx gift!! I brought it home and decided to try it on when a friend of mine and his friend came in the room!!! Their eyes hit the were in shock! Both their mouths hit the ground!!! I teased well instead of stairing at me ?? What would you do if I some stranger who is hot n sexy in this red ribbon teddy!! The next thing I knew; kissing each other touching their huge cocks that are bulging out!!!i got so horney!! So thirsty!!! I told them,”feed me step-daddy!! ” feed my body and mouth!!! One was eatting me….awwww yes! While the other would kiss me and my body in between feeding his cock to my mouth!!! “Sheer heaven!” I grabbed my phone told them can I invite a girlfriend over? “Yes!” They agreed Ten minutes later one of my sexy girlfriends came thru the door, Awww ahe was so hot in her red tank top n blue jean mini skirt!! She kisses me, told her to sit on my face while I was getting eaten out and the other guy started to kiss her!! Oh she tasted soo sweet, so juicy!!!! Licked her lil ass mmmmmm buddy!! Saw her getting hot and heavy with the guy kissing her ..I said :” Yall have fun,” I had to have some cock. So me and they guy who was eaten me out,he relaxed on his back while I sucked his huge cock down!! He was throbbing I wanted to sit on him! But I wanted to tease his cock more! So I rubbed my wet pussy lips all over his cock! His eyes rolled into the back of his head!!!! Oh I know he is feeling great!!! Because he grabbed my face and started kissing me, grabbed my hips and proceeded to take over!!!! Ahhhh baby!! I love the holidays?! .) Has anyone else got a kinky story bout their Christmas? Call me sexy!!!!

Hey to all my sexy guys and gals!!!

Hey There!! kaci88

I am so excited about being here with my all my friends who are on Nymphvana!!!
We have a wide range of kink and sexy ladies of all types!! I love when we are here chatting and messaging with you!!

Everyday I have fun meeting all kinds of people, chatting about their day and how the rest of their day is just starting to get better! Why?
Because Now we can cut loose and have Fun baby!!

I just got home and my boy toy saw a neighbor flirting with me!!
made him so hard as a rock!! I call the neighbor over started flirting hard core!! and we started making out infront of boytoy!!
well neighbors girlfriend came over!! and Oh my!! Hot as is could get!! had to kiss and lick her!! mmmm soo yummy!!
would love to chat with you tonite and let you know about how much fun it was!! to drink her sexy, sloppy juice down!!

Anyone busy that would love to chat with me and one of my friends here?? Call me! I will be on line later tonght!! After 11pm

Hugs to everyone! While I am away visit one of my friends here!!

Unexpected sexual encounter

I really can’t even tell you where to start. but I’m just writing as I picture it ,at first it was a nice mutual thing… then it started progress into curiosity, As I try to ignore it I really couldn’t.  My husband had a convention to go to yesterday, it was to good to be true . I start thinking in my perverted mind how I am gonna do something so drastic like I never done before well here it goes ..Me and my mutual friend we were having drinks and then all of all sudden. I seen my self there standing in the hallway in a black and red see threw lingerie, with the matching thong knowing that when the time comes that this itty bitty lingerie, will be ripped in minutes……but I know i will enjoy every minute of it. Ashe got closer and closer to me on the couch that we was fuzzing around and before you know it we was kissing each other it went from that to straight fucking it was so straight to the point at this point I was in such state that the screams coming out of me i couldn’t believe i had to let loose… I was kinda surprise at myself, and I learn a little about me as if all this was really happening. And you damn right it was then something unexpected happen I was a virgin in that area yes he booty pop me….you wanna know what happen next….to be continue…..or contact me and i can tell you what happen next…..

Creamy desert with lala

Imagine me lying naked on a cold wooden table…Your waitress enters the room carrying a tray with whipped cream and cherries and chocolate sauce. She’s wearing only a small apron around her slim waist. Her breasts are small and pert, rosy nipples standing at attention. You notice she’s a bit out of breath as she bends down to serve you dessert. Carefully, she takes the whipped cream and places a dallop on each of my nipples. Then she dribbles the chocolate sauce over the whipped cream and artfully draws swirls down my flat belly. When she reaches my pussy I spread my legs, knees bent so she can access my now wet, hairless pussy. She drips the sauce on my naked sex, then places a cherry in my pussy, your dessert is served!

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There are many bbw phone sex connoisseurs out there. More so than I ever would’ve believed before I started this little job of mine. But I’m not complaining. I love all my boys!

There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping a man realize his fantasies. And let me tell you, I have the opportunity to do that every single day. That’s one of many reasons that I love what I do.

One of the things I find interesting is how many men want to worship mature bodies. I am more than willing to let them because there’s very little that puts me in the mood quite like a good body worship session. My feet, legs, and many other areas just love the attention, as I’m sure you can imagine.

If you’re the kind of man who likes to lavish attention all over a sexy bbw body, then I invite you to come show me what you’ve got. I would sure enjoy a nice massage or something similar. If you ask me nicely, I’ll even let you kiss me all over.

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I love older men cuz they lick my teen twat the very best! *giggles* I’m a natural blonde slut so yeah the carpet matches the drapes. Sometimes I leave a landing strip so you can see my pretty blonde pussy hair on my pink swollen lips. Mmmm you can tongue fuck my teen cunt all you want I will give you my honey over & over again.

Mature phone sex fantasy

I love all kinds of roll plays and kinky twisted fantasies! One of my callers just did a role play with me where I was his hooker dressed into a bridal gown… You can imagine how difficult it was for me to cram my huge breasts into a dress that was off the rack! He had me down on my knees servicing him in this gown for the entire night! In the midst he was calling me all sorts of names and treating me like a dirty little whore! Somehow it made me explode into a crazy long orgasm!!!

Tranny fantasies with Angie

I’d love to seduce you in a bar and bring you back to my apartment and get you so hot making out that you can’t stand it. Then when you’re at the point of no return, I want to surprise you and make you suck my throbbing “clitty”. You will be surprised but you will not refuse me. I will show you that you are truly under my command. You will take my clit-stick in your mouth and suck it! If I like you, I may take the time to show you how. After all, you know a girl like me would know how to give the best blow job you had ever had. I know exactly how to suck a cock for the fullest enjoyment. I also know how to deep throat your cock, balls and all! After we’ve sixy-nined for a while, I will first probe your man-cunt with my fingers and then my tongue. You will be so hot you will beg for me to hurt you with my hard clitty. And yes, I WILL FUCK YOU! I will fuck you GOOD! Call me when you’re ready to fulfill all your tranny fantasies.