Arousing Discovery

It’s always interesting to me to show a man a set of pictures to see his level of arousal or rather, to be more exact, to observe which pictures set his cock twitching. Once there was a man who came to me because he was bored of his otherwise Vanilla life. He said he had been fantasizing about a wide variety of different things. So I had the man undress. I instructed him to give his penis a few strokes in order to get his penis to half mast. Then I showed him the picture set. The first was of an attractive young woman in rather revealing clothing. There was little to no reaction. I then showed him a picture of a young, well-muscled young man with his shirt off. Again, there was little affect. The next picture however, that of an older woman with very large breasts produced a visible twitch of the man’s penis. The picture immediately following was the lower half of a well muscled man, his jeans pulled down past his hips, exposing a large penis. Rather surprisingly, this too caused the man’s cock to jump. Of course, the very last picture I produced, the man’s cock was hard as a rock…

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