School girl kitty

Kitty never had any problems attracting the boys. She looked like the ultimate girl-next-door, with her slender 5’3 frame, long strawberry blond wavy hair, perky B-cup boobs and an ass like a peach. But, she had no interest for them. The idea of sex interested her somewhat, but all the boys in her neighbourhood were too immature for her tastes, and she went to an all-girls catholic school. However, she did feel herself becoming more and more attracted to Mr. Gray, her 35-year old IT teacher. A couple of months ago her friend, Ruth, had pointed out he had a great butt. Ever since then she started paying attention to his broad shoulders and muscular body. By now she was crushing on him hard. And she knew it wasn’t one-sided. She could see him studying her body whenever he had the chance. She had trouble sleeping in anticipation of seeing him tomorrow, so she decided to turn on the TV. She switched from channel to channel, not coming across anything she was interested in. But with the last press of the button, she gasped. Apparently her brother had been messing with family settings again, as she accidentally stumbled upon the porn channel, and right in the centre of the screen a huge dick was standing in all its glory. Never actually having seen one, it rose her interest. She decided to study the manhood in minute detail. But she didn’t really get a chance, as a few seconds later an actress in the porn flick started licking and sucking the lucky guys’ dick. She thought it was disgusting to watch, but somehow she found herself unable to look away from it. As the woman started going to town, she felt shivers travelling down her spine, nesting between her legs. Never having felt this kind of feeling, she got a little worried. She got out of her bed, and shockingly realized her panties were soaked. “Shit!” she thought, “Did I pee my pants?!” She put a tiny bit of the moisture on her finger and smelled it. It was then that she realized that it wasn’t pee, but actually her lady love juice. She was utterly shocked that something what seemed so raunchy to her, could make her so wet. “Does the idea of sucking cock really turn me on like that? Does that make me a slut?” She went to the bathroom to clean up her 18-year old virgin pussy, but the slightest touch felt amazing and only drove her more horny. She always thought masturbating was something almost only guys did, so they wouldn’t run around with an erection 24/7, and that there wasn’t any point in girls doing it. She realized now how wrong shewas. The porn channel went back on as she stripped herself completely naked. First, both her hands found her boobs. She traced the outline of her left breast, spiraling her finger inwards slowly, while her right hand was squeezing her other boob. When her finger started to stroke her nipple, she moaned loudly. Her tight little treasure box started producing more juice, as she watched the porn star taking the guys dick all the way to the back of her throat. The thought of having a male member all the way in her mouth drove her crazy. While her left hand was still playing with her hills, she moved down her right hand.Kitty moved her middle finger over her slit, gently and very slowly pressing her finger down more and more, until her lips parted. Suddenly, she noticed a pink button appearing from between her lips. She tried to touch it directly, which sent feelings of pain through her body. She quickly learned, and started to rub the skin surrounding her clit. “Oh… my… God!” went through her mind “Why didn’t I start doing this a lot sooner?” Kitty decided it was time, and finally slid a finger in her pussy. She felt the pleasure building up insideher, moaning louder and louder. She watched as the guy in the porn movie shot his load in and around the woman’s mouth. Seeing the man reach his climax finally helped her reach hers. She pushed her middle upwards, releasing an incredible and long moan as her hand got soaked by the juices leaving her pussy. She took a quick shower to clean up and went to bed. Never before had Kitty slept so well. The next day at school, all she could think about was putting a dick in her mouth. And the only person she could think about doing it to, was Dave. It seemed like the longest day of school she ever attended. Every minute lasted for hours, or so it seemed at least, as she was in anticipation for her final class. Getting to wrap her mouth around his cock. She couldn’t focus all day, just imagining taking off Dave’s pants over and over again. All day her excitement grew, and she was worried her panties would get soaked. Finally, the final class was there. She could feel her box becoming wet the moment she laid eyes on Dave. If the previous minutes felt like hours, now it seemed to be days. Just as she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, the sweet sound of the bell relieved her. She waited until all her classmates left. “Finally… This is it,” she thought. “What can I do for you Kitty?” “Sir, I was having some problems with our assignment for next week.” “What exactly seems to be the problem?” Kitty sat down and opened her book. She was smart enough to know the correct way to approach the problems, so she pretended to do it the wrong way. He gave her some guidance and she solved the problems correctly this time. “Good job, Kitty!” he said proudly, while he put his hand on her shoulder, like he often did with his students. This was the moment Kitty was waiting for. She grabbed his hand, and put it on her boob. “Wow Kitty what the hell are you doing?!” Dave said with a huge face of surprise as he withdrew his hand. “Putting your hand on my chest. I’ve been attracted to you for such a long time, finally I want to do something about it. I want to suck your dick!” Kitty surprised herself with how forthcoming shejust was. Kitty, this is wrong! Not only am I your teacher, you’ve only just become 18 last week! Hell, I’m twice your age!” “Don’t think I haven’t noticed you staring at my ass any chance you get. Or my boobs.” “But… that’s…” Dave started talking nervously, not being able to find his words. “That’s what I thought.” Kitty made the coyest face in her repertoire and put her finger to her mouth as she giggled. She drew her body into him, pressed her boobs against his chest as she stood on the tip of her toes, guiding her lips to his. Dave pulled his face from hers and gently pushed her away. “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this… I don’t want to…” “The bulge in your pants is telling me otherwise,” she said seductively, as she placed her hand on his crotch and softly started stroking his semi-erection. Dave started moaning as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back, surrendering to the feeling. Kitty could feel her strokes caused more blood being to his dick, and she loved it. She shoved her hand down his pants and grabbed his now almost fully hard dick, while she used her other hand to guide his to her boobs. Within a few seconds his erection was complete. Kitty wanted to undo his belt, when Dave stopped her. “If we’re going through with this, we have to do it right. And make sure we don’t get caught.” He hung a sign on the door that said, ‘Grading papers, please do not disturb’, locked the door and closed the shutters. “It’s not a proper blowjob if you’re fully clothed. Undress!” She smiled as she slowly unbuttoned her white shirt. Under it was a beautiful white laced bra safeguarding her untouched breasts. Next up was her skirt. She undid the zipper and let it fall. She teasingly turned around when she took her bra off, covering her beautiful boobs with her hands, and turned around again. She played with her boobs, flashing her nipples and slowly uncovering them. Dave gasped at her gorgeous chest, how perky and round they were, with the cutest tiny pink nipples. Dave took his tie and shirt off, and readjusted his boner to be more comfortable. Finally it was time for her panties to come off. “Turn around, bend over as far as you can, and slowly take off your underwear.” She happily complied. Dave loved the sight of her perfect bum, and her cute pink pussy lips saying hi from in between her cheeks. “Alright, now spread your cheeks.” Her virgin pussy displayed perfectly and Dave loved it, but not as much as the glance he got at her butthole. “Can I please suck your dick now sir?” “Hold on. First you have to play with yourself, get your pussy nice and wet.” Kitty repeated the way she played with herself last night as she knew it worked. “That’s enough, now come here.” Dave grabbed her wet hand, and stuck her fingers in his mouth. “‘Hmmm… You taste so sweet. Now taste yourself.” “What?” “If you want to suck my dick, you’re going to have to put your finger in your pussy and taste yourself.'” At first thought it seemed nasty, but she quickly decided it was just a simple thing to do. If she had to do that to suck on his manhood, she’d gladly do it.And so she sucked her lady juice of her finger, and found she didn’t mind the taste. “Can I please finally suck your dick now?” “Go ahead.” She smiled, hurried over to him and placed her hand on his crotch. She was so eager to undo his belt she fumbled, so Dave had to assist. His zipper went down, then his pants, and finally his underwear. Dave’s one eyed snake looked her straight in the face. She was afraid that it would be too big, but she was happy to see it wasn’t, although it surely wasn’t too small either. She could see the veins sticking out. Kitty grabbed his penis and she was surprised about how warm it was. But her bigger surprise was that it wasn’t a circumcised dick. But she didn’t care, all she wanted to do was put it in her mouth, so Kitty quickly put her lips to his penis. “Wow, wow, wow, eager beaver, slow down.” “What’s wrong?” “You don’t go for the head so fast, you got to ease your way into it. Start by licking my balls.” Kitty gently grabbed Dave’s dick and held it upwards to expose his family jewels and started giving quick licks. “No, no. Do it slower. Put your entire tongue on my balls and lick gently.” Kitty did as he commanded. “Now, suck on them, put them in your mouth.” Again she did what he wanted. She didn’t really understand why he wanted this, but his moans let her know he thoroughly enjoyed it. After a few minutes she grew very inpatient. She let his balls out of her mouth, gently pulled back his foreskin, placed her tongue against the base of his balls, and very slowly licked upwards. When she came to the head, she rubbed the sides of her tongue against the base of his head, providing incredible moans. She saw the spot where the foreskin was attached to the head, and it seemed pretty sensitive to her. She softly pressed the tip of her tongue against it and flicked it up and down. It seemed to do the job, because he yelled “Oh… my… God!” as he firmly grabbed her head. This instigated her to fully wrap her mouth around the head of his dick. His breathing became heavier and heavier, as she kept taking in his rod deeper and deeper and her tongue kept swirling around it. It hit her gag reflex, but she was adamant about getting him in all the way. Dave seemed to notice, as he gently pushed down her head until her lips reached his balls. The warmth and wetness of Kitty’s’s throat and mouth felt amazing. She mastered her gag reflex as she kept moving up and down with her head, every movement shooting pleasure all throughout Dave’s body. He couldn’t handle it any more, and started shouting “Oh my god I’m cumming!” Dave put his hands back on her head, to make sure she wouldn’t pull out his dick when he shot his jizz. The warm cream filled her mouth, but it was so much it started leaking out of her mouth and back on his dick. “What was that for?” she asked, as the cum oozed out of her mouth, some anging from her lips and chin, the rest dripping down on her boobs. “With a real blowjob, the girls always swallows. For starters, there’s still some cum left in my dick. Suck it out.” “What? No way!” she protested. “Kitty you started it, and you’re going to finish it.” His tone and face changed and looked much more stern. It’s a look Kitty never saw in her teacher before. It was making her a little afraid, but it turned her on at the same time. She figured it was almost over, so she might as well do it. She pouted her lips, put them around the tip of his penis, and made a quick slurp to empty his dick. Dave then proceeded to use his finger to swipe the sperm from her face and boobs, then sticking it in her mouth for her to suck it off. She swallowed the whole load. “Open your mouth and let me see,” Dave demanded. Not asingle drop remained. She found that she actually enjoyed the taste and the act after all. Kitty started collecting her clothes. She knew that she was going to remember this moment for the rest of her life.

Ready and horny with lots of sex toys

This hot, tight body is waiting for some attention. You know the kind of attention that can only cum from someone using their strong hands to make sure that every part of me is screaming for release. I understand if you’re too scared though. Not everyone can handle a real woman under them. If that’s the case, I have a whole room ready for us to go to that has tons of fun toys for us to use. If you think that large strap-on over there is not something you would enjoy, I can tell you right now that many men have said that, and many men have begged for me to fuck them over and over with it. I can tell by that little glint in your eye that it wouldn’t take very long for me to break you. Let’s have a go, maybe a competition of who can make who cum the most.

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I’m in a very bratty mood tonight. The next door neighbor has been drooling over me for months and he keeps begging me to spend some time with him. He’s cute enough I guess just a royal pain in the ass. I think some tease and denial phone sex will be just the thing to put him firmly in his place. I stopped by his house after school when I knew I would have a few hours before my parents got home from work. I knocked on his door wearing a very short little skirt that barely covered my cute round age play phone sex ass. I slowly walked past him into his house and bent over nice and low so he could see my pretty panties while I wriggled my ass back and forth in front of his face.

He got rock hard when he saw my teen phone sex body wriggling in front of him. I told him that I had been thinking about him a lot and that I felt like having some fun since I was home all alone and bored. I had him sit down on a kitchen chair so I could give him a lap dance but I had him strip down completely naked first. I told him the rules were no touching his dick until and unless I gave him permission and he said he was good with that. I slowly stripped out of my clothes down to my panties and bra while I rubbed my body up against his and straddled his waist with my tiny little pussy just inches away from his throbbing massive hard on. He was so turned on that he was oozing pre-cum. I kept dancing and shaking my ass right over his face until he was begging me to let him fuck me. Then I told him I had to get my little school girl phone sex booty home cause my parents would be back any minute. He groaned like he was dying it was the funniest thing ever leaving him with blue balls like that.

Dearest my red neck masters racial degradation

Dear Red neck masters,

I know what you seek when u stare at me.
I know what your thinking when I sway my curvasious hips and pop these pouty full lips.
I know your hate but I feel your desires.
Its all wrapped up in a whirlpool that you can’t escape.
You wanna fuck this ebony beauty don’t you?
You wanna hear me scream and beg for your mercy and say anything you need?
O how you love this Carmel chocolate skin….
Mmm oh so smooth and creamy, I know u can taste it from a far.
I’ll be your nigger bitch, I’ll suck your pink, beige cock to completion.
This nigger bitch will obey your every command.
You cab have me anyway u like.
Humiliate me, spite on me, and spank me.
I belong to you my white cracker master.
I will serve u like a good nigger slave.
Sincerely, Your nigger bitch Eden

Hot Babysitter Nicole

Hey there sweetie! I know you want play and have fun! You might be a little too old for a baby sitter.. Don’t be embarrassed and hide away. I’d be so lonely with out you! Besides I know big guy games we can play together. We can play the naughty, erotic kind of games! And I promise to make this the best night of your life! I have no limits! No… I promise not to treat you like a little boy completely. The fun I have in mind calls for big boy action. Want to know more? If you’re curious then – don’t hide and come seek.

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I had a hot dream about sweet intense sex. It felt so real mg panties were dripping wet. My little cunt had a heart beat for a minute, I thought. I just knew then I need to be fucked deep and hard. I could probably make 10 beautiful cream pies. O I’m so bad I fucked 5 guys and 5 women in my dream. I can’t wait any more I need to go in my treasure box and sit in my window so all my neighbors can see me digging in my cunt with my fat dildo…. Gosh somebody help me please I can’t stop fucking my self silly!

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Do you love having taboo phone sex fantasies as much as I do? I just get so hot and horny when my kinky imagination gets you breathing hard and stroking that ever growing hard cock. I will turn your fantasy into a mind blowing cum spewing role play what will leave you totally tranquil, basking in your after-glow. So, cum over here lay down and relax. Give me control of your cock then tell me all about your taboo fantasy that’s been driving you crazy with desire.

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There is something that has been on my mind… The game of pain that I love to play. I have this desire to inflict pain on men and women. I love to fuck them then beat em! I have all types of things I use from belts, rubber bands, rope and more. It gives my little cunt great pleasure to make them my fuck toys. Although what I love most is having a partner who enjoys the same fucking twisted shit that I do. Are you ready to be my little bitch? A,re you ready for the pain I can give you. Mmmmmm say yes! Give me that power, and I promise i intend to do naughty horrible things you will never forget….