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Goddess Asuka

First let me tell you, I am Asian. And I don’t speak with an accent. I speak very good English, and if you ask me to speak broken English, I’ll bend you over my custom made chaise lounge, the one that curves a bit so your ass is very exposed, and I will flog you twenty times. I specialize in humiliation and punishment. I LOVE the sight of you bound and helpless, your assets exposed and vulnerable to my every whim. For my male slaves, I find the sight of your balls, expertly wrapped in red silk rope, your ass filled with a red glass prostrate massager, more than divine. My female slaves are a beautiful sight as well, their breasts tied with silk rope that also wraps beautifully around the hips and snuggled deep into the cleft of their pussies. Sigh. Such beauty. Such pain. So delicious.

Beautiful Kinky Shemale Nicky


Meet Shemale Nicky. She’s beautiful, kinky and a lot of fun! The best of worlds with firm breasts and an 8″ cock. Imagine those shapely legs wrapped around your waist as your lips are wrapped around her gorgeous cock. Her head is thrown back in ecstasy, her fingers interlaced in your hair. Your hands are fondling her breasts, fingers tweaking her sensitive nipples…

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