Jeeps aren’t the only thing that get’s stuck at the beach

Im a college girl who lives near the ocean, so it was so great when I got a new jeep for my birthday. My friends and I decided to go to the beach for a hot adventure. I got stuck in the sand! can you believe it? A jeep got stuck in the sand. These super nice surfer boy’s came over to help us and omg! My pussy got so unbelievably wet. I was so taken by his manners and helpfulness. He helped me out and didn’t humiliate me for getting so stuck so quick after entering the sand. We started talking again a little further up the beach. And that when a few other things happened! It’s funny I guess, jeeps aren’t the only thing that get’s stuck at the beach. There are no limits to the fun you can have when it comes to going to the beach!

College Party Girl Needs to get her pussy pounded!

They call me ‘Tiffany So Sweet’ because my pussy is sweet like honey. Yes, I’m a party girl, I smoke (sigh, you can hear it in my voice), I drink, I do what I want. ] I’m a college girl, going to UC Santa Barbara, yes, party school central! I don’t have to work because my Daddy pays for everything for his little princess. Life is good. But I can never seem to get enough cock, or enough sex…and yes, I’ve licked a pussy or five, had a great time doing it too! I love to put on sexy, slutty clothes and go out with my friends to the clubs. Sometimes we even go as far as San Francisco to party! In fact that’s where I’m heading tonight! I’ve got my tube top on, small enough that my tits fall out of the bottom and if I’m not careful, they’ll fall out the top…and I’ve got my tiny black spandex miniskirt on – the one that barely covers my round ass…and when I bend over, ooohhh… no panties, no thongs, just my succulent, young pussy. Tonight we’ve got Daddy’s limo and Javier, my Daddy’s chauffeur (he’s HOT too) is going to take five of my friends and I out clubbing in San Francisco. I’m going to have a great time, no matter what, or with whom!!

Call me if you want, I might answer… LOL