Dearest my red neck masters racial degradation

Dear Red neck masters,

I know what you seek when u stare at me.
I know what your thinking when I sway my curvasious hips and pop these pouty full lips.
I know your hate but I feel your desires.
Its all wrapped up in a whirlpool that you can’t escape.
You wanna fuck this ebony beauty don’t you?
You wanna hear me scream and beg for your mercy and say anything you need?
O how you love this Carmel chocolate skin….
Mmm oh so smooth and creamy, I know u can taste it from a far.
I’ll be your nigger bitch, I’ll suck your pink, beige cock to completion.
This nigger bitch will obey your every command.
You cab have me anyway u like.
Humiliate me, spite on me, and spank me.
I belong to you my white cracker master.
I will serve u like a good nigger slave.
Sincerely, Your nigger bitch Eden