Seductive Sky’s Amateur Phone Sex Post

Hi there! Although I’m kinda new to all of this due to me being barely legal teen, one thing is for sure! I am in LOVE!!!! I love to cum and its even better when I get to hear you cumming too! Just knowing that we get each other off is so unbelievably hot I can’t even begin to tell you! It just makes me tingle and drip – yes I said DRIP!!!! I am so wet just typing this – let alone having you on the phone with me while we talk about all of our fantasies and experiences…I look forward to having many!!!! I love the sex toy store too! Wow! So many choices, but Im glad all you guys give me direction on what to get and use with you. I have a few pretty large dildos that I have been asked to get. They are amazing! Just tell me where you’d like me to stick them!!! You won’t be disappointed!!! Oh, and you can get me at extension 11870! I can’t wait for some hot phone sex fun!!!!

Calling out to all my nympho naughty boys and girls!!!

2_1409439859_christinamistressThis Mistress loves to get wild and kinky in any way that you can possibly think of. If you have been naughty boy or girl, I will take out my lovely paddle, or my favorite wooden brush and make those sweet cheeks glow to the prettiest shades of pink. If your extra naughty I can and will make them a lovely dark shade of red!!! I really love to play with the naughty boys and girls who choose to be very vocal about how bad they have been. Listening to stories of your latest escapades really gets me into the punishing mood!