My confession to my step daddy

I was a bad girl today! Well my day started off with, My English Teacher.. I forgot to do my homework, and he asked me what my excuse was for not being prepared? I told him I was busy at the mall buying new panties, such as lacy, lacy- thong, crotch less, etc. kinda like what I have on today. I asked him if he wanted a peak? He looked at me in shock but said calmly, “Yes”. Soo I bent over and he saw my brand new pink-stretchy lacy panties..and he began to caress my skin! It felt Good! Step-Daddy can I show you? and tell you more what he did to me?

Merry XXX Christmas

Wow!! All the work!! Hustle and Bustle of Christmas can make a gal want to sit down n take it easy!!! But not me!! Lol I went to Spencer’s to get a gag gift, and found myself a new (X-mass) gift for me. Rather should say Xxx gift!! I brought it home and decided to try it on when a friend of mine and his friend came in the room!!! Their eyes hit the were in shock! Both their mouths hit the ground!!! I teased well instead of stairing at me ?? What would you do if I some stranger who is hot n sexy in this red ribbon teddy!! The next thing I knew; kissing each other touching their huge cocks that are bulging out!!!i got so horney!! So thirsty!!! I told them,”feed me step-daddy!! ” feed my body and mouth!!! One was eatting me….awwww yes! While the other would kiss me and my body in between feeding his cock to my mouth!!! “Sheer heaven!” I grabbed my phone told them can I invite a girlfriend over? “Yes!” They agreed Ten minutes later one of my sexy girlfriends came thru the door, Awww ahe was so hot in her red tank top n blue jean mini skirt!! She kisses me, told her to sit on my face while I was getting eaten out and the other guy started to kiss her!! Oh she tasted soo sweet, so juicy!!!! Licked her lil ass mmmmmm buddy!! Saw her getting hot and heavy with the guy kissing her ..I said :” Yall have fun,” I had to have some cock. So me and they guy who was eaten me out,he relaxed on his back while I sucked his huge cock down!! He was throbbing I wanted to sit on him! But I wanted to tease his cock more! So I rubbed my wet pussy lips all over his cock! His eyes rolled into the back of his head!!!! Oh I know he is feeling great!!! Because he grabbed my face and started kissing me, grabbed my hips and proceeded to take over!!!! Ahhhh baby!! I love the holidays?! .) Has anyone else got a kinky story bout their Christmas? Call me sexy!!!!