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My big ass needs some attention! I am in need of a
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My big ass needs some attention! I am in need of a big cock deep inside!! Please take care of it! My boyfriend never gives me any attention let alone puts it in my ass!!! I beg him all the time and he keeps telling me no. I'm soooo horny and my pussy throbs for some dick all the time!!! 

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You put your hands on each side of the tub and pull yourself up to standing, but still very weak in the knees from your massively rapturous orgasm, and you turn around and then sit back down into the water, this time facing me. You slide yourself back down into the water, putting your feet over my hips and resting your knees over my thighs. You ask me, “Would you like me to wash you too?” “Please, ” I answer. I am still fully erect, but I am as excited about the reciprocation of you bathing me as I am at the thought of making love to you right now. You take the washcloth and begin to wash me, first rubbing the cloth gently on my chest and working up toward my broad shoulders. After washing each shoulder you use the cloth to soap up each one of my arms. Then you put the washcloth down into the water, reaching your hands down to start washing my thighs and then knees and calves, being very determined not to touch my penis yet, saving the best for last. You know that I am turned on beyond belief, and now you have the chance to tease me a little, and maybe even get back at me in a playful way for teasing so well when I was pleasuring you. So you move your right hand over to me and give me just the slightest hint of a touch on the head of my cock with your fingertips. I nearly jump out of my skin from the initial contact because it feels like a static electricity charge coursing through my loins. I want you to grab it and stroke it but you don’t. Instead you immediately take your hand back a little, knowing that your touch is driving me crazy. You have a sly smile on your face because you know that you love this just as much as I do, so you reach over again, and touch just the very tip again, giving a slight squeeze between your fingertips. It feels like I am on fire, but you let go right away again, and let out a tiny giggle. You are enjoying the power and control that you can exert over me.

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