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I amYour Wettest Fucking Fantasy And Your Worst Fu
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I amYour Wettest Fucking Fantasy And Your Worst Fucking Nightmare All Rolled Up Into One Incredible Mindfuck Without Lube That Will Haunt You Forever! I Truly Am The Evil Bitch Your Mother Always Warned You About And The Wicked Temptress That You\'ve Always Craved Yet Fear At The Very Same Time. Your Obedient Devotion Feeds My Sadistic Narcissistic Soul And Your Addiction To Me Turns Me On More Than Your Broken Submissive Body Ever Will. Your Physical And Psychological Pain Is My Sweetest Pleasure, But It\'s Not The Physical Pain That You Should Fear, It\'s What I\'m Going To Do To Your Weak Inferior Mind That Should Scare You! My Irresistible Yet Controlling Sadism Will Seep Into Your Veins Like Venomous Poison And Leave You Helpless And Spellbound As Your Need To Serve Me Grows Even Deeper. I Will Own You Body, Mind, Heart, And Soul. I Will Be The Center Of Your Boring Pathetic Miserable World. I Will Be The Drug That You Crave Above All Others And Can Not Resist. I Will Force You To Do Things That You\'ve Never Even Imagined Simply For My Own Sick And Twisted Amusement, And Then I Will Make You Grovel And Degrade Yourself As You Stupidly Crawl Before Me Begging For More! LOOKS ARE DECEIVING, ANGELIC LOOKING BUT, VERY EVIL SEXY ASS CUNT, TO MAKE TO CREAM YOUR PANTS. WHEN YOU CALL ME EXPECT TO BE VERY SATISFIED. LET ME ROLE PLAY WITH YOU ALL OF YOUR FREAKIEST NASTY FANTASIES WITH YOU. I HAVE NO TABOOS. ANYTHING GOES WITH ME. WANT TO GET REALLY WILD AND HAVE DARK FANTASIES THAT YOU WANT TO UNLEASH ON ME? THEN CUM TALK TO ME. CALL ME DAY OR NIGHT.

Satanic Angel's Recent Blog Posts
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Well let's see for starters , I'm just sitting here when I need to be raping ur wallets!!!! But I can't since the owners of Myphonesite that is directly connected to this one r raping our wallets and not paying us soooooooo with that being said my followers can find me on TalkToMe site under the same name, this way they can't steal my money. Also in case ur wondering, no this isn't stealing if u r wondering because I am an independent worker and I own the write to this name that I have let them use as me and me only as well as my Mistress Marilyn name as well and others. Yes these r my real pictures and I own copy write to my name's and my pics. So if they want they too can verify that I own and have the right to use this even on their site since a portion of the money I get is for me to advertise here. So all of my followers call me on the other site since this one refuses to pay and answer emails and calls. Come see a true professional at her finest. Satanic Angel PS. No this isn't a joke. The owners r supposed to be under federal investigation for fraud as well. Follow me on Y tube mistress Marilyn I will be exposing them

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just awesome!

01 November 2016 07:49 PM Xxlextrem
Xxlextrem 's avatar.

just awesome!

01 November 2016 07:49 PM Xxlextrem

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