Dearest my red neck masters racial degradation

Dear Red neck masters,

I know what you seek when u stare at me.
I know what your thinking when I sway my curvasious hips and pop these pouty full lips.
I know your hate but I feel your desires.
Its all wrapped up in a whirlpool that you can’t escape.
You wanna fuck this ebony beauty don’t you?
You wanna hear me scream and beg for your mercy and say anything you need?
O how you love this Carmel chocolate skin….
Mmm oh so smooth and creamy, I know u can taste it from a far.
I’ll be your nigger bitch, I’ll suck your pink, beige cock to completion.
This nigger bitch will obey your every command.
You cab have me anyway u like.
Humiliate me, spite on me, and spank me.
I belong to you my white cracker master.
I will serve u like a good nigger slave.
Sincerely, Your nigger bitch Eden

Smoking, drinking, sex thoughts

Have u ever been so high that your just beyond aroused. It like this ticking sex bomb ready to explode. And come from deep with from all of the hit nasty thought that has had you bothered all day. Well what do u do about it? I have to admit that while I’m at work I sneak and have a hit of a joint. And I slide my thongs all the way down my soft gorgeous legs and take them off. And I love the smell and taste of my own pussy so I put them in my mouth. I put the top of the toilet seat down and I flip my legs in they air. Pull my sex lips apart and enter my deep ocean. I fuck myself silly until my ocean wave hits and sprays the bathroom stalls. Trust me on this, you will want to call me and smoke together. My freaky side goes way beyond the green light. CALL ME NOW and find out for yourself! 855-909-9SEX ext: 13320

My confession to my step daddy

I was a bad girl today! Well my day started off with, My English Teacher.. I forgot to do my homework, and he asked me what my excuse was for not being prepared? I told him I was busy at the mall buying new panties, such as lacy, lacy- thong, crotch less, etc. kinda like what I have on today. I asked him if he wanted a peak? He looked at me in shock but said calmly, “Yes”. Soo I bent over and he saw my brand new pink-stretchy lacy panties..and he began to caress my skin! It felt Good! Step-Daddy can I show you? and tell you more what he did to me?

Kinky Confessions of the Janitors Closet

I was at work one day, between meetings, and my husband was on his lunch break, so he brought me lunch to my work for us. We had been eating for a while and we finished, and were just messing around, he was kissing my neck and sticking his hand down my blouse. So, of course, this got us both really hot and I felt his hard on on my back. I grabbed his hand and we went into a janitors room down the hall. We didn’t even lock the door! I leaned over and put my hands down on this table that was against the wall. He pulled my skirt and and my hose off, then my panties and pushed himself into me. With his hands on my hips I started making noises and he started banging me like he never had before. The table was bumping against the wall and I knew someone was just going to walk in any minute, but I liked that. He blew his load inside me and we had an amazing orgasm together. Then I kissed him by and he got back to work.

Hot Babysitter Nicole

Hey there sweetie! I know you want play and have fun! You might be a little too old for a baby sitter.. Don’t be embarrassed and hide away. I’d be so lonely with out you! Besides I know big guy games we can play together. We can play the naughty, erotic kind of games! And I promise to make this the best night of your life! I have no limits! No… I promise not to treat you like a little boy completely. The fun I have in mind calls for big boy action. Want to know more? If you’re curious then – don’t hide and come seek.

Arousing Discovery

It’s always interesting to me to show a man a set of pictures to see his level of arousal or rather, to be more exact, to observe which pictures set his cock twitching. Once there was a man who came to me because he was bored of his otherwise Vanilla life. He said he had been fantasizing about a wide variety of different things. So I had the man undress. I instructed him to give his penis a few strokes in order to get his penis to half mast. Then I showed him the picture set. The first was of an attractive young woman in rather revealing clothing. There was little to no reaction. I then showed him a picture of a young, well-muscled young man with his shirt off. Again, there was little affect. The next picture however, that of an older woman with very large breasts produced a visible twitch of the man’s penis. The picture immediately following was the lower half of a well muscled man, his jeans pulled down past his hips, exposing a large penis. Rather surprisingly, this too caused the man’s cock to jump. Of course, the very last picture I produced, the man’s cock was hard as a rock…

Certified nympho freak

I had a hot dream about sweet intense sex. It felt so real mg panties were dripping wet. My little cunt had a heart beat for a minute, I thought. I just knew then I need to be fucked deep and hard. I could probably make 10 beautiful cream pies. O I’m so bad I fucked 5 guys and 5 women in my dream. I can’t wait any more I need to go in my treasure box and sit in my window so all my neighbors can see me digging in my cunt with my fat dildo…. Gosh somebody help me please I can’t stop fucking my self silly!

Big hard cock needed inside of this bbw now!

Ever since I can remember, watching cocks grow for me has always been arousing…but getting that hard cock to fuck my face makes me cum so hard. I have played around naked in open places such as in the middle of the forest or out at the river, I’ve also loved getting down and crazy with being tied up, ball-gagged, spanked and fucked. That’s right boys-this busty out of control girl has done just about everything under the sun and all that is in between.

Taboo fantasy phone sex bbw style with phat mary

Do you love having taboo phone sex fantasies as much as I do? I just get so hot and horny when my kinky imagination gets you breathing hard and stroking that ever growing hard cock. I will turn your fantasy into a mind blowing cum spewing role play what will leave you totally tranquil, basking in your after-glow. So, cum over here lay down and relax. Give me control of your cock then tell me all about your taboo fantasy that’s been driving you crazy with desire.